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Swimming lessons for parent & child 


10 weeks +

Our baby classes provide an exceptional opportunity to strengthen the special bond between you and your little one, all while nurturing their development through enjoyable and stimulating activities.

12-18 months

Classes designed for infants aged 12-18 months play a crucial role in fostering both physical and psychological development, while also nurturing a strong and intimate bond between the child and their parent through ample close interaction.

18-24 months 

Classes tailored for children aged 18-24 months provide a nurturing and imaginative environment, where activities are skillfully personalized to cater to the unique needs of each parent and child duo.

Above 24 months 

At the heart of our lessons lies the fundamental principle of learning through play. We are dedicated to crafting a secure and enriching environment that is carefully customized to suit each child's requirements. 


My approach to swimming lessons is centered on a sensory-based method, emphasizing a gentle child-led, enjoyable, and progressive approach to achieving unaided swimming skills. This approach fosters natural opportunities for fluidity of movement in the water, enabling children to explore and learn at their own pace, both emotionally and physically prepared.

The sensory approach immerses children in an environment where they take the lead in guided play, which serves a purpose in their development. This approach nurtures their social, cognitive, physical abilities, fostering emotionally resilient children.

Through the sensory method, we not only strengthen the bonds between parents and their children but also cultivate a deep sense of trust. I teach techniques that are both gentle and highly effective for developing survival skills and swimming proficiency, ensuring a lifelong love for the water and readiness for independent swimming.

I am truly passionate about teaching and derive immense joy from witnessing babies and children progress through the stages toward becoming confident, independent swimmers. Children inherently learn through their senses—touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight—so facilitating discovery through play offers them invaluable experiences. Learning through play cultivates happy, self-assured children, empowering them to make choices, forge friendships, take turns, test their limits, embrace risks, develop at their own pace, and, most importantly, have a whole lot of fun!

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