Term dates

September 2020 - Autumn term 

The Autumn term has 10 weeks of swimming

Monday 14th September - 30th November 2020

Tuesday 15th September - 1st December 2020

Friday 18th September - 4th December 2020

Saturday 19th September - 5th December 2020 

In the Autumn term at Seal Pups Sensory Swim School we have a two week break over half term note: half term dates; there will be no swimming from Monday 26th October until term resumes on Monday 9th November. 

January 2021 - Lent term

Monday 4th January - Monday 22nd March 2021 (11 week term) 

Tuesday 5th January - Tuesday 23rd March 2021(11 week term)​

Friday 8th January -  Friday 26th March  2021 (11 week term)

Saturday 9th January  -  Saturday 27th March 2021 (11 week term)

In the Lent term at Seal Pups Sensory Swim School we have one week break over half term. Please note there will be no lessons from Monday 15th February until swimming resumes on Monday 22nd  February 2021.