6-12 months 

Classes for 6 -12 months are a great way to build on a special bond we encourage your baby's development in a fun, stimulating way. Swimming can also improve their sleep pattern  and  appetite. Swimming is a gentle exercise that works the whole body it’s great for strengthening muscles. These lessons are £15 per lesson 

12-18 months

Classes for 12-18 months are key for physical and psychological development In these classes we are aiming to form a unique and special bond with the babies & parents in the water together. We create a relaxed sensory atmosphere which is hard to re create elsewhere. Swimming lessons can improve cognitive functioning and by using cross - patterning movements these encourage the growth of neurons throughout the brain and stimulate growth. These lessons are £15 per lesson.

18-24 months 

Classes for 18-24 months are supportive and creative aiming to progress the activities to individually match to each parent and child. Our aim for these classes are building water confidence we do this by helping them to relax, learn, love and respect the water.  These lessons are £15 per person 


24 + months 

Learning through play is paramount in all of our lessons we work hard on creating a safe and stimulating environment which is adjusted to each child's needs. Having built confidence, promoting love and respect for the water we now work on independence. Developing fine motor skills and progressing swimming skills through play. These lessons are £15 per lesson.