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10 weeks +
12-18 months

Our baby classes offer a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the unique bond between you and your little one, while actively promoting their development through enjoyable and engaging activities. Additionally, swimming can have positive effects on their sleep patterns and appetite. It's a gentle yet effective full-body exercise, ideal for muscle strengthening. These lessons are priced at £16 per session.

Classes designed for children aged 12-18 months are pivotal in nurturing both their physical and psychological development. Our primary goal in these classes is to forge a remarkable and intimate connection between babies and their parents in the water, fostering a serene sensory environment that is challenging to replicate elsewhere. Furthermore, swimming lessons have been shown to enhance cognitive function, and through the incorporation of cross-patterning movements, they actively promote the growth of neurons across the entire brain, stimulating overall development. These lessons are priced at £16 per session.

18-24 months 

Our classes designed for children aged 18-24 months are a supportive and imaginative journey, tailored to customise activities for each parent-child pair. Our primary objective in these classes is to cultivate water confidence, achieved by facilitating relaxation, learning, and instilling a deep appreciation and respect for the water. These valuable lessons are available at £16 per person.

24 + months 

Central to our lessons is the principle of learning through play, an approach that we consider fundamental. We are dedicated to meticulously crafting a secure and stimulating environment, one that is thoughtfully tailored to meet the unique needs of every child. Having already fostered water confidence and a deep affection for the water, we now shift our focus to cultivating independence. Through playful activities, we aim to develop fine motor skills and advance swimming abilities. These transformative lessons are available at £16 per session.

Antenatal Aqua Yoga 

Aqua yoga is a natural and all-encompassing way to promote and sustain fitness and health it offers a gentle and easily available way to enjoy movement and breathing using the supportive element of water. 

Aqua Yoga seamlessly merges the benefits of deliberate stretching with muscle engagement, taking advantage of the buoyant properties of water to create a near-weightless sensation. This enables participants to achieve stretches that may be challenging on solid ground, all without undue strain.

In essence, Aqua Yoga represents the perfect fusion of the advantages offered by both traditional yoga and swimming. It's a harmonious blend of these two practices, promoting a balanced approach to health and fitness.

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